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About Us

Let Life Amaze You.

Offbeat Pursuits was born from a common love of traveling and being at awe with the wonder of the Philippines. We wish for everyone who joins us to open their eyes to the unparalleled beauty of the world and the excitement of traveling in it. Happiness at the magnificence of nature and simplicity of life in offbeat destinations has given us new appreciation and perspective. We want to share this beauty and simplicity of life in and through travel. After all, travel is about exploration, new experiences and discoveries, not just about the world but also about ourselves.

During adventures we want everyone to bring an open and curious mind to meet new people, explore the world and discover its natural beauty and the myriad of activities and sights in the area. Most importantly we want everyone to experience the same travel high that we ourselves feel every time we visit a beautiful place. We are an organization that wants to promote happiness and change lives for the better through travel.

The world is an amazing place, and if you open your eyes to its wonders, life can and will amaze you.

Have a great adventure!

Offbeat Pursuits Founders:

Rafael Dionisio, Ruth Carino, and Mara Leviste